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“If we assist the highest forms of education – in whatever field – we secure the widest influence in enlarging the boundaries of human knowledge.”
—John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
Rockefeller Archive Center Grant Awards, 2009
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The Rockefeller Archive Center received 65 applications for research grants for its 2014 program. In February, 41 applicants from 16 countries were awarded Grants-in-Aid to conduct research in the Center's archival collections. The 2014 grant recipients, their institutions, and research topics follow.  


Tomoko Akami
Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow, ANU College of Asia and Pacific, Australian National University
"Imperial Health Governance in the Making of the Inter-Imperial Health Governance at the League of Nations Health Organization (LNHO) in Asia, 1921-1941"

Gabriel Anaya
Ph.D. Candidate, Program in History of Science and Health, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), Brazil
"The Landing of the Anopheles Gambiae: Politics, Science and Epidemiology, 1930-1940"

Ishan Ashutosh
Lecturer, American Politics and American Studies, Department of Social Sciences, Northumbria University, United Kingdom
"Physicians as Anthropologists: The International Health Board's Hookworm Campaign in South Asia"

Marci Baranski
Ph.D. Candidate, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University
"Wide Adaptation of Green Revolution Wheat: Climate, Agricultural Science, and the Indian State"

Creighton Barrett
Digital Archivist, Dalhousie University Archives, Canada
"Investigation of Sponsorship, Copyright, and Intellectual Property Issues Surrounding Helen Creighton's Folk Song Recordings"

Anna Bocking-Welch
Lecturer, Department of History, School of History, Languages and Cultures, University of Liverpool, UK
"Friends in Foreign Places: International Understanding in Post-War Civil Society"

Mary Brazelton
Ph.D. Candidate, Program in History of Science and Medicine, Department of History, Yale University
"Vaccinating the Nation: Immunology and Public Health in Modern China"

Barbara Canavan
Ph.D. Candidate, History of Science and Medicine, School of History, Philosophy and Religion, Oregon State University
"Avian Influenza: Opening Pandora's Box at the Roof of the World"

Beatrice Cherrier
Assistant Professor, CREM, Department of Economics, University of Caen, France
"Creating a New Field: The Ford Foundation and Urban Economics, 1956-1975"

Simone Diender
Ph.D. Candidate, ABD, History Department, Brandeis University
"The Private Citizen: Expert Power and the Obligations of Work, Prayer, and Parenthood, 1923-1970"

Terry Evan Faukenbury
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"The South in a Thousand Pieces: The Voter Education Project, 1962-1969"

Adriana Feld
Assistant Researcher (Tenured), CONICET(National Council of Scientific and Technological Research), Argentina
"Science and Technology Policies and Foreign Scientific Cooperation in Argentina, 1955-1966"

Shawn Foster
Ph.D. Candidate, Program in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, University of Minnesota
"Competing Foreign Influences in the Development of Scientific Medicine and Public Health in China"

Robert Gioielli
Assistant Professor of History, Department of History, Philosophy, and Political Science, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College
"To Save the World's Wildlife: International Wildlife Conservation in Postwar America"

Netzahualcoyotl Luis Gutierrez Nunez
Ph.D. Candidate, Colegio de Mexico AC, Mexico
"Corn and The Green Revolution: Politics, Scientific Cooperation, and Agricultural Planning in Mexico: The National Corn Commission, 1947-1961"

Alec Hickmott
Bankard Fellow in Political Economy, Bankard Fund, University of Virginia; Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), History Department, University of Virginia
"Ujamaa, Alabama: Black Power, Development Politics and the "Decolonization" of the Rural South, 1945-1980"

Gilberto Hochman
Senior Researcher and Professor of History of Science and Health, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil
"Parasitology, Communism, and the Cold War in Brazil, 1950s-1970s"

Yossina Hurgobin
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Maxwell School, Syracuse University
"Citizenship and Nation Making: Race, Class and the 'Indo-Mauritian' Identity, 1975-1968"

Ana Korndorfer
Postdoctoral Student, History Department, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos), Brazil
"Philanthropy and International Scientific Cooperation: The Rockefeller Foundation and the Training of Experts, Researchers and Health Professionals for Public Health in Brazil, 1917-1951"

Timothy Lorek
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Yale University
"Developing Development and Cultures of Agriculture: An Agrarian History of Colombia's Cauca Valley, 1920-1980"

Jack Loveridge
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, University of Texas at Austin
"Curing Hunger: Science, Nutrition, and the Rise of the Indian Developmental State, 1935-1967"

Elizabeth Lundeen
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Many Paths to Equality: African American College Presidents and the Civil Rights Movement"

Joanna Lunt
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, University of York, United Kingdom
"International Health, Water, and Political Economy of Development: Uganda and Sudan, 1940-1981"

Nikhil Menon
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Princeton University
"Planning Democracy Economic Planning and the Developmental State in India, 1938-1975"

David Nally
Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
"Governing Hunger: Modernity, Techno-science and the Politics of Food Security"

Richard Nash
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History of Science and Technology, Johns Hopkins University
"Sensory Physiology, Cognitive Ethnology, and the Return of the Animal Mind as Illustrated by the Career of Donald Redfield Griffin, 1940-1986"

Patrick Nugent
Ph.D. Candidate, Fourth Year, ABD, American Studies Program, George Washington University
"Sprawling Environmentalisms: Urban Housing, Open Space, and the Ecology of the Urban Crisis"

Alessia Pedio
Assistant, Department of Historical Studies, University of Turin, Italy
"Towards the Construction of a 'Cultural Enterprise:' Luigi and Mario Einaudi's Cooperation with the Rockefeller Foundation, 1926-1959"

Diane Ragsdale
Promovenda (Ph.D. researcher and Lecturer, Faculty of History, Culture, and Communication, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
"Revolution Lost or Won? The Transformation in the Relationship between U.S. nonprofit Resident Theaters and Broadway and its Impact on the American Stage"

Elizabeth Shermer
Assistant Professor, History Department, Loyola University of Chicago
"The Business of Education: The Corporate Reconstruction of American Public Universities"

Aaron Shkuda
Assistant Director, Immersion in the Arts: Living in Culture, Stanford University
"The Downtown Interests: Remaking the Postwar American City through Finance and Culture"

Marcio Siwi
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, New York University
"Making the Modern and Cultured City: Urban Planning, Architecture, and Cultural Production in Postwar Sao Paulo, 1945-1968"

Kate Sohasky
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Johns Hopkins University
"Interrogating Intelligence: Rights, Citizenship, and Scientific Constructions of Intelligent Belonging in the United States, France, and Latin America, 1905-1994"

Benjamin Soskis
Fellow, Center for the Study of Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy and Policy, George Mason University
"The Man who Invented Philanthropy: A Biography of Frederick T. Gates"

Gabriela Soto Laveaga
Associate Professor, Department of History, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Food Scarcity Solutions from the Global South: Mexican Wheat in India, 1951-1991"

Jennifer Tappan
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Portland State University
"Yellow Fever in Sub-Saharan Africa: Endemic Disease and Immunization, 1900-2012"

Lauren Tilton
Ph.D. Candidate, American Studies, Yale University
"In Local Hands: The Community Film Movement"

Kelly Urban
Ph.D. Candidate, History Department, University of Pittsburgh
"Tuberculosis, Public Health, and Political Change in Cuba, 1900-1959"

Joel Vargas Dominguez
Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Program in History and Philosophy of Science, National University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico
"Nutrition, Standardization, and Internationalization: Post Revolution and Postwar in the Mexican Diet"

Michael Willcocks
Ph.D. Candidate, School of Arts Languages and Cultures, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
"Agent or Client: Who Instigated the White Revolution of the Shah and the People in Iran, 1958-1963?"

Kevin Yelvington
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of South Florida
"Projecting Anthropology: The Rockefeller Foundation and Project-Centered Funding in Anglo-American Anthropology"

2013 Rockefeller Archive Center Grant Awards

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